Welcome to Erin's Website!


These are all the special credits for other people or websites that helped me create this website. There aren't very many but I wanted to make sure I creditted anyone and anything that helped me.

  • FSCJ - This is where I learned more about coding. I will get my IT Management Bachelor's from here.
  • CSS Validator - This helps me make sure my code is and stays CSS3 Valid. This helps me make sure that my site works on whatever device you are using.
  • HTML5 Validator - Same as above except for HTML5 Valid instead of CSS Valid.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Dreamweaver CC gave me the base template to work with that was good for HTML5 & CSS3.
  • W3Schools - Helps me with quick lookups to make sure I'm coding correctly.
  • Notepad++ - This is what I used when I wasn't using Dreamweaver CC.
  • FileZilla - This is my file manager of choice.
  • Hostwish Hosting - I host myself. This is a link to my hosting website, if you are interested in getting hosting for yourself.

That's it! I told you it would be a short list!